Art show & concert  at the First Church of Boston  -  where my  great, great grandfather  Edward Everett Hale 

​                                   was minister for 30 years, before becoming  Chaplain of the U.S. Senate.

I've also been invited to do an art show at the Bank of Loja, Ecuador.

Concert and art show in Saratoga Springs, New York.

                                    Concert & Art show.... 

20 of my paintings at the Hale House Gallery in Rhode Island.

    I presented an organ recital  at  La Compania de Jesus Cathedral in Quito, Ecuador.

They want me to come back to do another  concert  and art show.....hopefully next year.                 

My great, great aunt Susan Hale and her brother -  

my great , great grandfather  Edward Everett Hale.​

Susan was an artist and a writer too.

Someday I hope to do an art show at The Metropolitan Museum and sell my paintings at Sotheby's, like my relatives.   

One of my paintings at Hale House in  Matunuck, Rhode Island...where my family summered in the 1800's

Dark hair back in the day....

When I did my art show in Rhode Island, I also played at The First Unitarian Church of Providence, Rhode Island

In the organ loft at the Chester Cathedral in Chester, England......someday, I hope to play at Westminster Abbey too.

              I also wrote a children's book called, "Follow Your Dreams!" 



 Hale House in Rhode Island, at the desk of my       great, great grandfather  Rev. Dr. Edward Everett Hale. He was an abolitionist and the author of  "The Man Without a Country."  

                    It's about  the power of persistence ....Never give up!!


Aunt Susan was friends with the  E.E. Church family, traveled frequently with them and spent many summers at  Olana, in upstate New York.