If you are interested in purchasing this stunning 40" x 60" original oil and gold leaf painting,
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                              The  snake staff is derived from the American Medical Association.​​                     

 Barney is holding a very sharp stick...perhaps it's a vaccine needle and the skull represents Covid19 ?

                                                                              WHO  knows...

           I hope BITCOIN will save the world from Dystopia if the dollar goes into Hyperinflation !!

                                                                  Long Live "BITCOIN BARNEY" !!  


 January 1, 2021....it  was  worth  $32,000  per  coin !

 Just imagine how beautiful  "BITCOIN BARNEY"  will be in a REALLY BIG GOLD FRAME !! 

February 12, 2021 it was  worth $46,000 per coin!

Bitcoin  first  started  trading  in  July  2010 .... for about  $0.05 per  coin.

YouTube video:

In  July 2020 .... it  was  worth  around  $9,000  per  coin.

"BITCOIN BARNEY" !!!!!!   

Some believe it will hit $1 Million per coin in 5 years.

In Forbes, a  leaked Citi report revealed one of the bank's senior analysts thinks bitcoin could potentially hit a high of  $318,000  per coin by December 2021.....calling it "21st century gold."

February 17, 2021....it hit $52,000 per coin! 


  July 2020 .....At last......here is my  40"x 60" oil and gold leaf painting of

                                           "BITCOIN BARNEY" !!

I created  "BITCOIN BARNEY"  to promote Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency awareness.


                OR  JUST AN AWESOME GIFT !