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In  July 2020 .... it  was  worth  around  $9,000  per  coin.

                              The  snake staff is derived from the American Medical Association.​​                     

 Barney is holding a very sharp stick...perhaps it's a vaccine needle and the skull represents Covid19 ?

                                                                              WHO  knows...

           I hope BITCOIN will save the world from Dystopia if the dollar goes into Hyperinflation !!

                                                                  Long Live "BITCOIN BARNEY" !!  


  July 2020 .....At is my  40"x 60" oil and gold leaf painting of

                                           "BITCOIN BARNEY" !!

 January 1,  was  worth  $32,000  per  coin !

In Forbes, a  leaked Citi report revealed one of the bank's senior analysts thinks bitcoin could potentially hit a high of  $318,000  per coin by December 2021.....calling it "21st century gold."

February 12, 2021 it was  worth $46,000 per coin!

Bitcoin  first  started  trading  in  July  2010 .... for about  $0.05 per  coin.

February 17, hit $52,000 per coin! 



                OR  JUST AN AWESOME GIFT !  


"BITCOIN BARNEY" !!!!!!   

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Some believe it will hit $1 Million per coin in 5 years.

 Just imagine how beautiful  "BITCOIN BARNEY"  will be in a REALLY BIG GOLD FRAME !! 

I created  "BITCOIN BARNEY"  to promote Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency awareness.