Nathan Hale                               Revolutionary War Patriot                        Great, g.g.g.g.g.g.g. uncle                                 1755-1776

One day I discovered this painting, "White Roses" by my great grand uncle, Philip Leslie Hale at the National Arts Club in NYC.

Then I found out my uncle was a member of the club, friends with Monet and
painted with him in Giverny... Sotheby's sells my uncle's paintings and
I hope to paint in Monet's garden one of these days too.

I've also been invited to do a show at
The National Arts Club and fill the Grand Gallery with my 6' x 9' abstract florals....which I'm currently working on in my studio basement.

Philip Leslie Hale                    Artist                         Great, grand uncle                 1865 -1931

  Ellen Day Hale                  Artist                Great, grand aunt              1855 -1940 



                                                                                   Four United States Presidents   

          George Washington                       Thomas Jefferson                        James Madison                  Franklin D. Roosevelt 

                                                                               To see more famous relatives

                                                                                                  click here:


 Robert Beverly Hale   Metropolitan Museum                      Great uncle                                 1901-1985                               


Extended kin includes  Princess Diana  -  Susan's  7th cousin 

    Susan Hale                Artist  &  Writer        Great, great aunt                 1833 -1910           

                               Ms. Hale's radio interview with "Extreme Genes" in Salt Lake City, Utah:

           Susan Hale talks about what it’s like to learn that patriot Nathan Hale is on her family tree,
                    as well as several other notable early Americans.  Hear how it has affected her life.

                                                       The interview starts at the 25:27 mark.   








       Edward Everett               President of Harvard       Great, great grand uncle.                  1794 - 1865


  Edward Everett Hale             Clergyman / Abolitionist              Great, great grandfather                        1822 -1909